OX78 – PRO daggerboard slot inserts Optimist

This package includes 2 PRO front daggerboard inserts, 2 PRO back daggerboard inserts, made of wear resistant TPU rubber and comes with glue and sandpaper. The PRO daggerboard inserts have non-slip edges for improved grip within the daggerboard case, a pre-shaped contour to simplify positioning of the daggerboard and a sloping top design to prevent losing the inserts.

Pre-shaped design based on the epoxy Optimist daggerboard, optimizing the forward and aft position of the daggerboard in the daggerboard case. Due to the shape we minimize the waterflow up and into the daggerboard case.

Featuring a sloping top, allowing you to effortless slide your daggerboard into the daggerboard case. Thanks to this angle, you’ll also minimize the risk of accidentally loose your inserts from the daggerboard case.

We created non-slip edges to improve the grip within the daggerboard case. This ensures that the glue will now form a more secure bond, securing the daggerboard inserts in a firmly position.

Made of TPU rubber, which has a unique structure. TPU has a high resistance to abrasion, is flexible, tough and very durable. The daggerboard inserts are flexible enough to fit into any Optimist daggerboard case.

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